LINE PLAY Terms of Use

These LINE PLAY Terms of Use (these “Terms”) set forth the conditions for the use of the game service named “LINE PLAY” (the “Service”) provided by LY Corporation (“LYC”) to users of the Service (“Users”).

1. Definitions

The following terms shall have the meanings set forth below when they are used in these Terms:
1.1. "Account” means the character string or other symbols to identify each User issued by LYC at the time when the Service starts to be used.
1.2. “content” means text, sounds, music, images, videos, software, programs, computer code and other information.
1.3. “Content” means content that may be accessed through the Service.
1.4. “Fee-Based Service” means any service provided to Users for charge (including, without limitation, digital content) within the Service.
1.5. "In-Game Currency” means a prepaid payment instrument, etc. which can be exchanged for the Fee-Based Service or the content.
1.6. “Submitted Content” means any content that Users have submitted, transmitted or uploaded on or to the Service.
1.7. "Avatar” means a character image that represents the User in the Service.
1.8. “Separate Terms” means terms and conditions separate from these Terms that pertain to the Service and that have been released or uploaded by LYC under names such as “terms,” “guidelines” or “policies."

2. Agreement to These Terms

2.1. All Users shall use the Service in accordance with these Terms. Users may not use the Service unless they agree to these Terms.
2.2. Users who are minors may only use the Service by obtaining prior consent from their parents or legal guardians. Furthermore, if Users will be using the Service on behalf of, or for the purposes of, a business enterprise, then such business enterprise must also agree to these Terms prior to using the Service.
2.3. If there are Separate Terms applicable to the Service, Users shall also comply with such Separate Terms as well as these Terms in using the Service.

3. Modification to These Terms

LYC may modify these Terms when LYC deems it to be necessary within the scope of the purposes of the Service. In such case, LYC will indicate the content of the modified version of Terms, as well as the effective date of the modification, on the Service or on LYC’s website, or will publicize the same to Users by notifying Users in the manner prescribed by LYC. The modified version of Terms shall become effective as of the effective date thereof.

4. Account

4.1. When using the Service, Users may need to set up an Account by registering certain information. Users must register true, accurate and complete information, and must revise the same to keep such information up-to-date at all times.
4.2. If Users register any authentication information when using the Service, they must exercise due care in handling such information at their own responsibility to ensure that such information is not used in an unlawful manner. LYC may treat any and all activities conducted under the authentication information as activities that have been conducted by the User with whom the authentication information is registered.
4.3. When Users change their communication device through which they use the Service, none of the In-Game Currency, Submitted Content or other data will be transferred to the new communication device, unless such Users have linked such new communication device with their LINE Account or other social media account.
4.4. In the case of the preceding paragraph, any data pertaining to the In-Game Currency and fee-based content that have been purchased by Users, as well as any other data pertaining to the Service, may cease to exist, without prior notice to Users, due to any of the following:
4.4.1 Uninstalling of the Service by Users;
4.4.2 Change of communication device by Users; or
4.4.3 Any unspecified cause not involved in either LYC or Users.
4.5. LYC reserves the right to delete any Account that has been inactive for a period of one (1) year or more since its last activation, without any prior notice to the relevant User.
4.6. Each Account in the Service is for exclusive use and belongs solely to the User of such Account. Users may not transfer, lease or otherwise dispose their rights to use the Service to any third party, nor may the same be inherited or succeeded to by any third party.

5. Privacy

5.1. LYC places its top priority on the privacy of Users.
5.2. LYC will appropriately handle privacy information and personal information of Users in accordance with the LINE Privacy Policy.
5.3. LYC promises to exercise the utmost care and attention to its security measures to ensure the safe management of any and all information collected from Users.

6. Provision of the Service

6.1. Users shall supply PCs, mobile phone devices, smartphones and other communication devices, operating systems, communication methods and electricity, etc. necessary for using the Service at their own responsibility and expense.
6.2. LYC reserves the right to limit access to all or part of the Service by Users depending upon conditions that LYC considers necessary, such as the age and identification of Users, current registration status, and the like.
6.3. LYC reserves the right to modify, at LYC's discretion, all or part of the Service anytime as LYC determines necessary, anytime without any prior notice to Users.
6.4. LYC may cease to provide all or part of the Service without any prior notice to Users in case of the occurrence of any of the following:
6.4.1 When conducting maintenance or repair of systems;
6.4.2 When the Service cannot be provided due to force majeure such as an accident (e.g., fire, power outage, etc.), act of God, war, riot, labor dispute;
6.4.3 When there is system failure or heavy load on the system;
6.4.4 When securing the safety of Users or third parties, or in the case of an emergency for public welfare; or
6.4.5 When LYC reasonably determines it to be necessary, other than those set forth in items 6.4.1 to 6.4.4 above.
6.5. As for the Fee-Based Service, no refund, return of In-Game Currency or any other reimbursement will be made due to cancellation by Users; provided, however, that the foregoing shall not apply if the applicable laws or regulations require otherwise.

7. Advertisements

LYC reserves the right to post advertisements for LYC or a third party on the Service.

8. Third-Party Services

The Service may contain services or content provided by third parties other than LYC. Such third parties shall bear any and all responsibility regarding such services and/or content. Furthermore, there may be terms of use or other terms and conditions provided by such third party which are applicable to such services and Content.

9. Content

9.1. LYC grants Users a non-assignable, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license to use the Content provided by LYC, solely for the purpose of using the Service.
9.2. Users shall abide by the conditions applicable thereto when using any Content which is subject to conditions of use, such as additional fees and periods of use and the like. Even if terms such as “Purchase”, “Sales” or the like appear on the screens for the Service, LYC shall remain the owner of all intellectual property rights as well as other rights in the Content offered to Users by LYC, and such rights shall not be transferred to Users. Users will only be granted usage rights as set forth above.
9.3. Users shall not use any Content beyond the scope of the intended use of the Content in the Service (including, without limitation, acts of copying, transmitting, reproducing, and modifying).
9.4. If Users wish to back-up all or part of the Submitted Content, they will need to do so themselves. LYC will not undertake the obligation of backing up any of the Submitted Content.
9.5. The Service may include functions where multiple Users may edit content (e.g., posting, correction and deletion). In such case, a User who posted his/her Submitted Content shall grant other Users the right to edit such Submitted Content.
9.6. Users shall retain their rights to their Submitted Content, and LYC shall not acquire any such rights; provided, however, that, among the Submitted Content, for those that are made available to other Users generally (i.e., not just to the User's “friends”), the User who posted such Submitted Content shall be deemed to have granted LYC a license (including the right to amend (e.g., abbreviate) such content to the extent LYC deems necessary and appropriate, and the right to sublicense such usage rights to other third parties working together with LYC), to use such Contents for services and/or promotional purposes.
9.7. Users shall not exercise the author’s moral rights or any other rights with respect to the Submitted Content in relation to the use by LYC or a third party under Clauses 9.5 and 9.6.
9.8. LYC may check and confirm the content of the Submitted Content by Users to the extent permissible under the laws and regulations, when it is necessary for LYC to confirm compliance with the related laws and regulations or the provisions set out in these Terms, etc.; provided, however, that LYC is not obligated to conduct such confirmation.
9.9. If LYC believes that a User has violated or may violate any applicable laws or regulations or the provisions of these Terms in relation to the Submitted Content, or when otherwise reasonably necessary for LYC’s business, then LYC reserves the right to preclude such User’s use of the Service in certain manners such as deleting the Submitted Content, without providing prior notice to the User.

10. In-Game Currency

10.1. In-Game Currency will be provided to Users by the means designated by LYC, such as through purchases in the Service and special offers. The purchase unit, payment method, and any other conditions for providing In-Game Currency shall be determined by LYC and displayed in the Service or on LYC’s website.
10.2. In-Game Currency may not be exchanged for cash, property or other economic benefits other than for the services and content designated by LYC. The amount of In-Game Currency required for receiving the services or content, as well as any other conditions for exchanging In-Game Currency, shall be determined by LYC and displayed in the Service or on LYC’s website.
10.3. In-Game Currency purchased by Users will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever; provided, however, that the foregoing shall not apply if the applicable laws or regulations require otherwise. In such case, the method for refunding In-Game Currency shall be determined by LYC in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and displayed on LYC's website, etc.
10.4. In-Game Currency may only be used in the Account through which Users purchased such In-Game Currency; In-Game Currency may not be assigned or transferred to any other Account. Furthermore, In-Game Currency provided by terminal devices of different operating systems may not be carried over or combined, even if they are under the same name, since the types of In-Game Currency are different.
10.5. If a User owns the same type of In-Game Currency both for charge and free of charge at the same time, the In-Game Currency for charge shall be consumed first.

11. Extinguishment of Usage Rights

11.1. Any and all usage rights of Users pertaining to the content and In-Game Currency and any other rights of Users under the Service shall cease to exist when such User’s Account has been deleted for any reason. Users should be aware that the Account cannot be retrieved even if a User has accidentally deleted his/her Account.
11.2. Users may delete their Avatar in the Service at any time; provided, however, that if a User deletes his/her Avatar, any and all usage rights of such User pertaining to the content and In-Game Currency and any other rights of such User under the Service shall cease to exist.
11.3. If a User uninstalls the app under the Service without linking to the User’s LINE Account or other social media account, any and all usage rights of such User pertaining to the content and In-Game Currency, as well as any other rights of such User under the Service, shall cease to exist.

12. Restricted Matters

LYC prohibits Users from engaging in any of the following acts when using the Service:
12.1. Acts that violate the laws and regulations, court verdicts, resolutions or orders, or legally binding administrative measures;
12.2. Acts that may be in violation of public order, morals or customs;
12.3. Acts that infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademarks and patent rights, rights to fame, privacy and all other rights granted by law or by a contract with LYC and/or a third party;
12.4. Acts of posting or transmitting: excessively violent or explicitly sexual expressions; expressions that amount to child pornography or child abuse; expressions that lead to discrimination by race, national origin, creed, gender, social status, family origin, etc.; expressions that induce or encourage suicide, self-injurious behavior or drug abuse; or expressions that include anti-social content and lead to the discomfort of others;
12.5. Acts that lead to the misrepresentation of LYC and/or a third party or that intentionally spreading false information;
12.6. Acts of sending the same or similar messages to a large, indefinite number of Users (except for those approved by LYC), or other acts that LYC deems as spamming;
12.7. Acts of exchanging the right to use the Service or the Content into cash, property or other economic benefits, other than by using the method prescribed by LYC;
12.8. Acts of using the Service for sales, marketing, advertising, solicitation or other commercial purposes (except for those approved by LYC); using the Service for the purpose of sexual conduct or obscene acts; using the Service for the purpose of meeting or engaging in sexual encounters with an unknown third party; using the Service for the purpose of harassment or libelous attacks against other Users; or otherwise using the Service for purposes other than as intended by the Service;
12.9. Acts that benefit or involve collaboration with anti-social groups;
12.10. Acts that are related to religious activities or invitations to certain religious groups;
12.11. Acts of unauthorized or improper collection, disclosure or provision of any other person's personal information, registered information, user history, or the like;
12.12. Acts of interfering with the servers and/or network systems of the Service; fraudulently manipulating the Service by means of bots, cheat tools or other technical measures; deliberately using defects of the Service, making unreasonable inquires and/or under claims such as repeatedly asking the same questions beyond what is necessary, and other acts of interfering with or hindering LYC's operation of the Service or other Users’ use of the Service;
12.13. Acts of decoding the source code of the Service, such as by way of reverse engineering, disassembling or the like, for unreasonable purposes or in an unfair manner;
12.14. Acts that aid or encourage any acts stated in Clauses 12.1 to 12.13; and
12.15. Acts other than those set forth in Clauses 12.1 to 12.14 that LYC reasonably deems to be inappropriate.

13. User Responsibility

13.1. Users shall use the Service at their own risk, and shall bear any and all responsibilities for actions carried out under and the results from the use of the Service.
13.2. LYC may suspend the use of all or any part of the Service, suspend or delete Accounts, cancel any agreement between a User and LYC with respect to the Service (including, without limitation, any agreement based on these Terms, hereinafter the same) or take any other measure LYC reasonably determines to be necessary and appropriate, without prior notice to such User, in the case that such User falls under or there is a possibility that such User falls under any of the following items:
13.2.1 A User is in breach of applicable laws and regulations, these Terms or any Separate Terms;
13.2.2 A User is a member of an anti-social group or a related party thereof;
13.2.3 A User tarnishes LYC’s credibility by spreading false information, using fraudulent means or force, or other unlawful means;
13.2.4 A User is subject to a petition for attachment, provisional attachment or auction procedures such as bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation or similar procedures are commenced; or LYC otherwise reasonably deems that there is uncertainty with respect to User’s credibility; or
13.2.5 The relationship of trust with a User is lost or LYC otherwise reasonably determines that would not be appropriate for LYC to provide the Service to User, due to reasons other than as set forth in items 13.2.1 to 13.2.4.
13.3. In the case where LYC suffers loss/damages either directly or indirectly (including, without limitation, attorney fees) due to a User’s use of the Service (including, without limitation, cases where LYC receives a complaint from a third party due to such use), the User shall immediately compensate LYC for such loss/damage in accordance with LYC’s request.


LYC shall provide no warranty, either expressly or impliedly, with respect to the Service (including the Content), that there are no defects (including, without limitation, faults with respect to security, etc., errors or bugs, or violations of rights) or as to the safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness and fitness for a particular purpose. LYC will in no way be responsible for providing Users with the Service after deleting such defects.


15.1. LYC will not be liable for any damage incurred by Users arising from the use of the Service unless such damage is attributable to the intentional or grossly negligent acts of LYC; provided, however, that, in case that the agreement between the User and LYC with respect to the use of the Service falls under the consumer contract as defined in the Consumer Contract Act of Japan (a “Consumer Contract”), LYC will be liable to provide compensation for damage arising due to negligence on the part of LYC (excluding gross negligence) arising from contract or tort only within the range of (a) the damage which is normally incurred (i.e., exclusive of lost profits and other damages arising under special circumstances), and (b) the amount of usage fees for the Service received from such User for fee-based Service for the month in which such damage has been incurred, at maximum.
15.2. If a User incurs damage as a result of gross negligence on the part of LYC, LYC will be responsible to provide compensation for THE damage incurred BUT ONLY within the range of (a) the damage which is normally incurred (i.e., exclusive of lost profits and other damages arising under special circumstances), and (b)the amount of usage fees for the Service received from such User for fee-based services for the month in which such damage has been incurred, at maximum; provided, however, that the foregoing shall not apply if the agreement between such User and LYC falls under the definition of a Consumer Contract.

16. Relationship between These Terms and Laws and Regulations

If any provision of these Terms is found to violate the Consumer Contract Act of Japan or any other laws and regulations applicable to an agreement between Users and LYC with respect to the Service, such provision, to the extent of such violation, shall not apply to the agreement with the Users; provided however that, the remaining provisions of these Terms shall not be affected thereby.

17. Notification and Contact

17.1. For notifications from LYC to Users regarding the Service, LYC will use a method that LYC considers appropriate, such as posting in an appropriate place within the Service or on LYC’s website.
17.2. For notifications from Users to LYC regarding the Service, Users shall use the customer inquiry form available on the Service or on LYC’s website, or through other means designated by LYC.

18. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Where LYC has provided Users with a translation of the Japanese language version of these Terms (the “Japanese Version”), the Japanese Version will govern the relationship between Users and LYC. In the event of any conflict between the Japanese Version and a translation thereof, the provisions in the Japanese Version shall take precedence over any other translation. These Terms will be governed by the laws of Japan. Any conflicts between Users and LYC that arise from or in connection with the Service shall be resolved under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.

* The prepaid payment instruments available on LINE PLAY are “Cash,” “Gems” and “Extra Hearts.”
As for any other content purchased through the above prepaid payment instruments, any products or services pertaining to such content shall be deemed to be provided upon acquisition thereof, and such content shall not constitute prepaid payment instruments.

19. For Children Under 13 and in the U.S

19.1. If You are under 13 years of age and in the U.S. (“Children”), LYC collect your ID, password and your parent email address. LYC does not collect any further information from Children in the Service. The parent email address is used only for account administration purpose. Children are not able to chat in the Service or post any Content. Children are not able to share or access social media in the Service. Children will not receive push notifications. There is no advertising for Children in the Service. In app purchasing is available.
19.2. The parent can delete the child's account by deleting the Child's avatar as described on Help Center.


Established on November 19, 2012
Date of last update: October 1, 2023